When it comes to brewing compost tea, the more dissolved oxygen the better. To achieve high oxygen levels you should use a compost tea brewer – build your own or find online / local retailers. The simplest and yet very effective method is to use an airstone and air pump, plumbed into any reservoir. Airstones and air pumps can be found at any local hydroponic retailers, pet supply stores and many home-and-garden outlets. Simply attach an air-line (or spaghetti hose) to your pump and run the other end to the airstone. Place the stone on the bottom of your compst tea reservoir – a bucket will do! – and turn the pump on, letting it run for the entire duration of the brew (24 hours). This creates an aerobic environment which allows the beneficial bacteria to flourish and multiply. Without constant aeration, you will end up with anaerobic environment – aerobic = good, anaerobic = bad – in which the bad bacteria and sometimes mold/fungi can take over – causing septic conditions that ruin your tea! This is easy to determine by the “septic” odor that occurs when a brew is not aerated propely (can happen approximately around the 48-hour mark). If this occurs, DO NOT FEED this brew to your plants – either reintroduce air until the smell dissipates, or discard the mixture altogether and start over.