There is no significant evidence to suggest that organic food has higher microbiological content. In fact, for tomatoes it has been shown that organic production can reduce Salmonella infection. This is due to organic production often having superior calcium and magnesium nutrition, which helps plants to develop a stronger cell wall.

In addition, microorganisms are a foundation of true organic production and it is important to recognize that. This means that instead of being worried about microorganisms in the room, the bud should be kept clean. This especially means not getting soil on the bud. Environmental conditions in the grow room, biosanitation and ventilation are key to producing clean bud in any system and organic production is no exception.

It is also important to point out that an organic soil can reduce unwanted microorganism populations because it represents a pre-colonized system in which there is competition for resources. This competition means unwanted organism populations tend to stabilize rather than experience a population explosion. This stabilization is a core organic production principle.