Eazy-Grow System

The Eazy-Grow system offers a full cycle, sustainable growing solution containing plugs, blocks and pyramids in custom sizes, blends and even porosity to suit your growing operation for maximum efficiency and yield without sacrificing crop quality.

  • Self-regulating
  • Easy to control
  • Air pruning for substantial enlargement of the hair root mass
  • Suitable for gradual drier cultivation

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BlueSky Organics is an authorized distributor of EAZY growing products based in the Netherlands. This innovative propagating and growing medium is unique in the market, because it comes with predetermined EC and pH levels that self-regulates to exactly the right air-to-water ratio. Since the structure is comprised of strongly bonded organic components, there is no need for pots or sleeves, offering huge hair root structures due to the air pruning effect. With its superb water uptake and uniform moisture distribution, the EAZY-GROW products can be supplied dried, offering a clean lightweight growing medium with an unlimited shelf life.

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