Coco Charge

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BlueSky Organics Coco Coir Blends are the result of years of research into what makes the best coco growing media. We import only premium fresh water-washed and composted low EC coir from specific global sources then process and naturally buffer the product in Canada.



With microbial support
The ease of hydroponics with the benefits of natural and organic soil. A Super Soil-like coco blend.

BlueSky Organics COCO CHARGED mix is specifically engineered to allow you to feed heavier for greater yields, while reducing problems with fertilizer-salt toxicity. Plants need to be fertilized in order to thrive and provide you with larger harvests. BlueSky Organics COCO CHARGED mix allows you the ease of hydroponics with the benefits of a natural and organic soil. Coco fibre is an environmentally friendly growing medium that is quickly becoming known for superior gardening results. There are small amounts of organic nutrient inputs to provide microbial support and initial vigorous and rapid growth immediately after transplanting. It is still recommended to begin feeding within 3-5 days after transplanting.

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Ready to use, naturally buffered coco and perlite with a starter charge. Good pith to fibre ratio provides ideal aeration. Buffered with Calcium Nitrate.


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