High Porosity Soil Bale


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This professional-grade, high porosity grow media is made with consistently high quality, long-fibered Canadian sphagnum peat moss and coarse perlite. The High Porosity Grow Media with Mycorrhizae is designed for crops that require heavy drainage and ample oxygen to the root zone. It also comes with very few additives, which allows the grower to feed…


BlueSky Organics High Porosity Grow Media is a blend you can count on for consistency. It was created for growers, by growers.

  • Less likely to overwater crops
  • Holds less water which allows optimum leaching of salt fertilizers
  • Dries out quicker and more often which can reduce chances of root disease, fungus gnats, and algae
  • Well-suited for high-humidity growing environments

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Weight 35 kg
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