CAD $3.99

EcoTek Compressed Coco Grow Bag


  • Balanced pH
  • Buffered
  • Triple washed
  • Expands easily
  • Compressed product allows for significant savings on transportation.
    Save on labour costs by no more filling or washing pots


Compressed Coco Grow Bag

EcoTek Compressed Coco Bag is a revolutionary product by BlueSky Organics that expands once water is added.

The compressed coco brick comes packaged in a 1.3 gallon grow bag, saving on labour costs by eliminating the need to fill or wash pots.

EcoTek is a natural grow media you can count on for consistency. It has a near perfect natural pH level (6.0 to 7.0) for optimum nutrient uptake, as well as a superb air-to-water ratio, creating an ideal material to use as a growing substrate.

Horticulture Grade Coco

Superior water retention, natural grow medium. Water retention and absorption are the key benefit common to all coco varieties.

Bluesky Organics’ Coco Coir consists of coir pith, made from the husks of coconuts. The husk is processed in the fibre industry and the released coir pith is a by-product. This coir pith is tripled washed, and after drying it is sieved and buffeted. Coco Coir can be incorporated into the perfect hydro media or planted directly into.


Due to its fine structure and high air content, this product has a wide range of applications. It can be used for sowing, repotting of ornamentals and pot plants. This product is also suitable as soil improver. Before use, add water to the coco block/disc so it expands. Please note: depending on the crop, plant nutrients should be added throughout cultivation.

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