Grow Easy 3 x 3 Block

CAD $350.00

Grow Easy benefits

• Self-regulating H20 content

• Easy to use and control

• Air pruning results in substantial enlargement of the root mass

• Faster rooting times

• Higher terpenes & flavonoids

• Suitable for hydroponic systems like ebb & flow, drip-feed systems, aquaponic systems, dry hydroponics, soil and soil-less grow

192 Blocks / case 


The Grow Block enhances all of the superb characteristics of the Grow Plug with its predetermined and buffered pH and EC values, to its self-regulating, air-to-water ratio. The Grow Block is extremely versatile and will perform in any application, and in all available cultivation methods. Direct replacement for Rockwool The Grow Block has several advantages over Rockwool including: higher yield, better quality, through improved root development and nutrient supply; lower costs, by eliminating the need for pots or sleeves; is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Sold in case lots of 192 blocks.