Small Eazy Pyramid

CAD $8.42

  • Self-regulating
  • Easy to control
  • Air pruning for substantial enlargement of the hair root mass
  • Suitable for gradual drier cultivation

Air-to-water ratio: 20-80
Size: 4.72 x 4.72 x 4.72 in
EC: 1.0 *
pH: 5.8 *
* ED and pH can be customized


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The Eazy-Pyramid is an amazing new development for the horticultural sector. The large pyramid’s optimized growing volume is equivalent to 13.5 L (3 gal) pot, enough for an entire crop cycle. It is also enhances all of the characteristics of the Eazy-Plug, like predetermined and buffered pH and EC values, and the completely self regulating air-to-water ratio. Say hello to the Eazy Pyramid – The next evolution in organic growing.