Commercial Blend (Organic)

CAD $6.20

High-quality, probiotic organic growing media with mycorrhizal fungi.

This blend offers the microbial support of an organic mix but can be fed using either organic or conventional fertilizers or both.


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BlueSky Organics COMMERCIAL BLEND (ORGANIC) was created by growers, for growers. This high-quality grow media is packed with 17 premium ingredients and is designed for fast growing, heavy feeding plants. Our COMMERCIAL BLEND (ORGANIC) is inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi that boost your plants’ performance. It has an ideal air-to-water ratio which promotes massive root growth and enables sufficient drainage.

COMMERCIAL BLEND (ORGANIC) converts typically unavailable nutrients into easy-to-absorb forms, supplying precise nutrients for your plants. This COMMERCIAL BLEND (ORGANIC) is a high performance, resilient and fortified soil designed for all your fruiting and flowering plants. For the best possible results, use in conjunction with BlueSky Organics nutrients and soil amendments.

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