Coco Coir

CAD $3.95

BlueSky Organics Coco Coir Blends are the result of years of research into what makes the best coco growing media. We import only premium fresh water-washed and composted low EC coir from specific global sources then process and naturally buffer the product in Canada.


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Neutral pH, natural growing media
Superior water retention, natural grow medium. Water retention and absorption are the key benefit common to all coco varieties.

BlueSky Organics COCO COIR has a near perfect natural pH level (5.5 to 6.5) for optimum nutrient uptake, as well as a superb air-to-water ratio, creating an ideal material to use as an amendment or growing substrate. BlueSky Organics COCO COIR can be incorporated into the perfect hydro media or planted directly into soil. BlueSky has specially designed COCO COIR with a natural buffer to make it more user-friendly.

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