Growing Tips

bluesky organics custom soil blends and amendments

Organic Grower’s Tips

  • Always check the pH level
  • Calibrate your pH meter weekly
  • Use the BlueSky Organics Natural pH Adjusters (pH Up & pH Down)
  • Be sure to use clean unchlorinated water, use a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system and test your water frequently
  • Always mix water and additive solutions thoroughly, and check the pH level before application to ensure it’s in the desired range
  • Water and feed when there will be a minimum of 8-hours of daylight to follow
  • Do NOT allow plants to dry out, you may compromise the beneficial microbes and microorganisms that have been building in your soil
  • Make sure you don’t over-water your plants

Indoor Growing Tips

  • Ensure the day temperatures in your room do not exceed 27ºC (80ºF) for ideal Vegetative growth and a max. of 25.5ºC (78ºF) for Flowering
  • Ensure the night temperatures in your room are between 21-24ºC (70-75ºF) until your last week when the temperatures can be lowered to firm up your plants
  • Keep the temperature difference between day and night cycles to a maximum of 6ºC (10ºF)
  • Target humidity is 60-70% in Vegetative growth stage and 40-60% for Flowering stage
  • After harvest be sure to thoroughly clean and sterilize your growing room and planting pots before starting the next crop

For technical support text or call the BlueSky Organics Master Grower line at any time at