Grow Your Own Food Project

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Fellow Gardeners,

We’ve had a lot of people reach out to us who are at home during this difficult time, asking to purchase soil for their gardens. Because of this, we’ve decided to offer a free delivery service within the Okanagan Valley for a limited time on Grow Your Own Food Project Kits on any orders over $100. We’ll drop off soil at your home on your doorstep so that you do not need to leave your home for supplies.

Grow Your Own Food Package:

Click on the below items to start building your GYOF custom package with BlueSky Organics:

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This professional-grade, high porosity grow media is made with high quality, long-fibered Canadian sphagnum peat moss and coarse perlite. It is designed for crops that require heavy drainage and ample oxygen to the root. Each bag of 2-Part All Purpose Garden Fertilizer provides adequate fertilization and nutrients for activating vigorous growth in each 107L HP Bale for the entire season.

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Wood Pallets (one wood pallet to build your own Garden Box)

Build your own Garden box from a repurposed pallet, of be creative and re use wood around your home. 1 pallet / Grow package above. Max 2 per household.

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Grow Your Own Food Package Add-Ons:

Click on the below items to add to your GYOF custom package.

Grow Media

1 gal Fert Alive
1 gal Fert Alive$57.70
250 ml Fert Alive
250 ml Fert Alive$37.50
40L Super Soil
40L Super Soil$31.99
Coco Coir
Coco Coir$24.50
Organic Reactor
Organic Reactor$44.25


Arugula - Astro
Arugula – Astro$3.29
Basil - Genovese
Basil – Genovese$3.29
Beans - Strike Bush Beans
Beans – Strike Bush Beans$3.49
Beets - Early Wonder Tall Top Beets (215 Seeds)
Beets – Early Wonder Tall Top Beets (215 Seeds)$3.49
Beets - Taunus
Beets – Taunus$3.89
Bergamot - Wild Bergamot
Bergamot – Wild Bergamot$3.29
Brussel Sprouts - Nautic Coated Organic
Brussel Sprouts – Nautic Coated Organic$5.79
Cabbage - Deadon
Cabbage – Deadon$3.99
Carrots - Mokum
Carrots – Mokum$3.99
Catnip - Nepeta Cataria
Catnip – Nepeta Cataria$4.59
Cauliflower - Shasta
Cauliflower – Shasta$3.99
Chives - Allium schoenoprasum
Chives – Allium schoenoprasum$3.29
Cilantro - Santo Long Standing
Cilantro – Santo Long Standing$3.29
Kale - Lacinato
Kale – Lacinato$3.29
Kale - Starbor
Kale – Starbor$4.79
Lavender - French Lavender (50 Seeds)
Lavender – French Lavender (50 Seeds)$8.99
Lettuce - Alkindus Pelleted
Lettuce – Alkindus Pelleted$4.59
Lettuce - Butterhead
Lettuce – Butterhead$3.29
Lettuce - Parris Island Cos Romaine Lettuce
Lettuce – Parris Island Cos Romaine Lettuce$3.29
Melons - Earlichamp
Melons – Earlichamp$4.49
Onions - Scallions/Kincho
Onions – Scallions/Kincho$3.29
Onions - Storage/Patterson
Onions – Storage/Patterson$3.99
Parsley - Forest Green
Parsley – Forest Green$3.29
Peas - Super Sugar
Peas – Super Sugar$3.89
Peppers - Red Habanero
Peppers – Red Habanero$3.29
Peruvian Black Mint - Huacatay
Peruvian Black Mint – Huacatay$3.89
Pumpkins - Howden
Pumpkins – Howden$3.29
Radishes - Rivoli
Radishes – Rivoli$3.29
Savory Summer - Saturwja Hortensis
Savory Summer – Saturwja Hortensis$3.29
Shiso - Red Perilla
Shiso – Red Perilla$3.59
Solanum - Golden Pearls
Solanum – Golden Pearls$5.49
Squash - Early Butternut
Squash – Early Butternut$4.50
Squash - Spaghetti Squash
Squash – Spaghetti Squash$5.49
Squash - Zucchini
Squash – Zucchini$5.29
Tomatoes - Main Season/Indigo Rose
Tomatoes – Main Season/Indigo Rose$5.49
Tomatoes - Main Season/Manitoba
Tomatoes – Main Season/Manitoba$3.29
True Watercress
True Watercress$3.29
Turnips - Purple Top White Globe
Turnips – Purple Top White Globe$3.69


Gazillion Moisture Meters
Gazillion Moisture Meters$7.00


We’re planning delivery routes throughout the Okanagan, including Enderby, Kamloops, Kelowna, Lumby, Penticton, Salmon Arm, Sicamous, Vernon, and surrounding areas. Routes will be determined based on demand. If you have any issues while ordering, please contact [email protected].

There is also the option to pick up your order from our location in Vernon, however, pre-payment is required. Once your order is ready for pick up, we will contact you. Pick up times arranged and orders will be outside, tagged with your name, for safe pick up. There will be a pick-up location available in Penticton for Keremeos, Okanagan Falls, Oliver, and Osoyoos on the day we deliver to Penticton. Please reference this in the notes section when you place your order.

Are you outside of the delivery areas? Please email your order details to [email protected] (request only, payment not needed at this time). We may be able to service other locations as well, based on demand.

Does anyone have a van, truck, or trailer, and is interested in assisting us with deliveries and would like to get involved in this community project? We do have a budget to cover expenses and a small remuneration. Please email [email protected].

Would you love to Grow Your Own Food with this offering but this is not in your budget? Please send an email to [email protected] and tell us more about your self and why you think we should share the Garden for Humanity giveaway to you.

Get Social With Us:

We encourage you to share your pictures, videos, and stories along your journey of building and creating your Grow Your Own Food Project with BlueSky Organics.

You can get social with us by sharing your photos on our GYOF Facebook Page at: or you can email your photos to: [email protected]

We will also upload your photos to our GYOF Photo Gallery located down below.

Extra Info/Resources

We found a great YouTube link that shows you how to build a raised 42″ x 42″ garden bed out of a pallet, with no supplies needed and only a few basic tools. It makes a great family project while you are social distancing at home. Being sustainable has never been so important and you can start growing your own food this season.