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Which products can I use in a Hydroponic/Aquaponic grow system?

Fert-Alive, Flower Two, Myco-Grow, pH Up & Down and Organic Booster are all water-soluble and safe for hydroponic/aquaponic use. Organic Reactor and Vit-Alive can be used if the granular contents are suspended in the water with a tea bag or fine-mesh screen.

How much pH Up would I need to add on a daily basis to maintain pH levels?

The amount needed generally depends on the acid generated by your system. To give a rough estimate, 100UI of pH Up will come to pH-6.5 per gram (g) of material. You should use a pH meter to monitor the pH levels carefully, stir well and wait for it to stabilize before delivering to the plants.

Is it a buffer? Or is it simply a base?

pH Up is a buffer, meaning it is able to act as both a base and an acid. It has an equilibrium pH (pKa) above 7, so for practical purposes is should be considered a “base”. pH Up raises the pH of most solutions you would find in a grow room; however, it cannot raise the pH value past 8.

What is it derived from?

pH Up is a naturally occurring, mined mineral complex (not chemically treated)

How does it work?

The anion of this compound takes hydrogen ions out of the solution by attaching to the ion, then decomposing into water and carbon dioxide. The cation replaces the lost hydrogen ion in solution; the ph Up replaces hydrogen ions with potassium ions.