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Which products can I use in a Hydroponic/Aquaponic grow system?

Fert-Alive, Flower Two, Myco-Grow, pH Up & Down and Organic Booster are all water-soluble and safe for hydroponic/aquaponic use. Organic Reactor and Vit-Alive can be used if the granular contents are suspended in the water with a tea bag or fine-mesh screen.

Does Vit-Alive or Organic Booster contain microbial life? Or can it be treated like a nutrient?

Vit-Alive is an inert tea blend in its dried, bagged state. However, once brewed with worm castings and Organic Booster, the BlueSky Organics Compost Tea Blend becomes teaming with microbial life – requiring aeration and high oxygen levels to be most effective.

What is the best way to use Compost Tea? Where can I buy the necessary equipment for brewing?

When it comes to brewing compost teas, the more oxygen the better! To achieve a high oxygen level, a compost tea brewer is essential; you can build your own with a few simple parts or seek manufacturers of compost tea brewer’s kits online.
The simplest – but very effective – method is an air pump and air stone; plumb these in your water reservoir

It says “chelating agent”; does that mean it contains Iron (Fe)? If so, at what levels?

Organic Booster contains both iron and natural chelating molecules called melanoidin.

What is it derived from?

Organic Booster is a Carbohydrate-infused blend, including molasses and enzymes.