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How can I prevent burning/nutrient lockout when using cuttings or very small plants in nutrient-rich growing media?

Ensure you have healthy plants, dip your roots in Myco-Grow, ensure the root system is established (know when to transplant!), try not to disturb or damage the root network and take as much roots as possible when transplanting!

Which products can I use in a Hydroponic/Aquaponic grow system?

Fert-Alive, Flower Two, Myco-Grow, pH Up & Down and Organic Booster are all water-soluble and safe for hydroponic/aquaponic use. Organic Reactor and Vit-Alive can be used if the granular contents are suspended in the water with a tea bag or fine-mesh screen.

What about using Myco-Grow with hydroponics?

Mycorrhizal fungi are just as effective in hydroponic applications as they are in organic, growing media. Mycorrhizal fungi can improve a plants’ phosphorous uptake – an important nutrient no matter the style/mode of growing. Another plus – Mycorrhizae increases the volume and strength of any root system; more roots = faster growing, healthier and more potent plants!

What are the differences between “endo” & “ecto” mycorrhizal fungi?

Endomycorrhizae has the added benefit of an extremely effective internal exchange mechanism (strengthens the mycelial network from the inside) as well as extending to the exterior of the root. In comparison, ectomycorrhizae exists only outside the root. Another deciding factor in which mycorrhizal fungi you should use is compatiblity: Endo bonds strongly with almost all leafy, green plants, whereas ecto form particularly well with confiers and oaks. *REMEMBER: Fruits, vegetables, flowers and most commercially produced plants love to ENDO, not ecto.*

Do mycorrhizal fungi actually guard against pests/diseases?

Absolutely! Myco-Grow helps to strengthen the root system through improved nutrient uptake and mycelial wall structure. Many nasty bacteria/fungi/pests can be mitigated through mycorrhizal application – not to mention, helping to reverse/reduce the effects of high sodium conditions!

How do I maximize the benefits of mycorrhizae to my plants?

Myco-Grow is easy-to-apply and a very versatile product – the main goal is to create physical contact between the mycorrhizal inoculant and the plant root. Sprinkle onto the roots during transplanting, work into the seed beds, blend into growing media or “drench” the roots in a Myco-Grow solution – there are numerous ways to directly apply Myco-Grow to any plants’ root system, for full effect.

Do mycorrhizal fungi need to be reintroduced on a regular basis? Do I need to add it more frequently than once per every nutrient change?

Best performance is achieved with numerous applications throughout the growth cycle. You can’t “over use” mycorrhizae! But don’t waste product by adding any later than 2-3 weeks before harvest (your mycelial network should already be established). *TIP: Mix the myco in a 1 Gal. jug/container with water to dilute it, pout it into your nutrient solution (ensure you mix-up and pour out the white powder than settles at the bottom of the jug!).*

When should I start using mycorrhizal fungi?

As soon as possible! It takes less mycorrhizae to colonize a juvenile plant than a more developed one. Commercial growers have negated the cost of mycorrhizal fungi with their increased seed germination rates.