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Is it normal for FERT-ALIVE to be “chunky” or not entirely viscous?

Fert-Alive will thicken the longer it is left to settle as it is an organic, microbial-active product. It is recommended that you “shake well” before each use; efficacy will not be affected (the more you mix/shake it the better it will flow). Please ensure that Fert-Alive is pre-diluted with water and mixed thoroughly if applying through any sort of fertigation system.

Which products can I use in a Hydroponic/Aquaponic grow system?

Fert-Alive, Flower Two, Myco-Grow, pH Up & Down and Organic Booster are all water-soluble and safe for hydroponic/aquaponic use. Organic Reactor and Vit-Alive can be used if the granular contents are suspended in the water with a tea bag or fine-mesh screen.

How much would be required to add on a daily basis?

Most growers simply use the NPK value as initial guidelines; this is a general indicator of protein content (amino acids are roughly 16% nitrogen). The labelled “N” (Nitrogen) value for Fert-Alive is 2%.

What microorganisms does it promote and how?

Fert-Alive contains amino acids which are important food for microorganisms to make protein with. As with most organic inputs, it also contains a small amount of other nutrients that microorganisms access to maintain their health/vibrancy.