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Is everything soluble?

No, an important part of organic nutrition is to allow the plant to manage its rhizosphere, which cannot be done with exclusively soluble (oftentimes chemically synthesized) products.

Are any items “slow-release”?

Yes: Flower Two is the only product that is not slow-release (it is also a “preference” item, and is not mandatory in our system). Organic Booster & Fert-Alive can be easily distributed in water, but their ingredients take time to become bio-available. For example, plants cannot easily or directly eat amino acids (although they are bio-available); plants prefer to have bacteria digest them and produce nitrates for the plant.

“I currently use 1-bale of Sunshine4 to 4-Xp to 2-Dolomite: how will water holding capacity differ if I use BlueSky Super Soil over Xp?”

How much lime do I need to add if I replace “Xp” with “Sunshine4”?

Add 1.2 – 1.3 of Lime