We offer this calculator as a guide to help our valued customers determine their BlueSky Organics product needs. Simply enter key variables below for your specific operations.

Please note: We cannot guarantee results, actual results may vary depending on grower preferences and environments.

Super Soil Calculation - Based on 90% pot fill

Super Soil Conversion (US Gal ↔ Yards)

Myco-Grow Needs for Seven Different Application Options

Option 1: Seed

Lightly "Dust" seeds

Option 2: Pre-Transplanting

Mix thoroughly 112-450 grams (4-16 oz or 14-56 Tbsp) per Litre of Unchlorinated Water

Option 3: Transplanting

Immediately prior to transplanting, sprinkle 8-16 grams (1-2 Tbsp) per planting site or directly on plant roots ensuring contact with roots

Option 4: Growing Media Amending

Blend 25-35 grams (3-4 US tablespoons) per 40 litres (10.6 US Gal) of growing media

Option 5: Hydroponic and Irrigation Systems

80-120 grams (10-15 US Tablespoons) per 189 Litres (50 US gallons) Unchlorinated Water. Note: Will pass through a min of 50-mesh screen (0.0117 inches or 297 micron)

Option 6: Established Plants (Root Drench)

8-16 grams (1-2 tablespoons) per 3.79 Litres (One US Gallon) of unchlorinated Water

Option 7: Commercial

1-1.5 lbs (454 - 680 grams) per yard (765 litres) of growing media

Veg Growth Stage Variables

Veg Growth Stage Calculation


Flowering Growth Stage Variables

Flowering Stage Calculation

Note: Applies to Nine week FLOWER strains. For additional weeks of Flower repeat weeks 6-7 in Growing Calendar with associated increases of product for these weeks.


Organic Reactor

In order to properly calculate Organic Reactor information, please fill out the "Estimated Total Applications" and "Rate(ml/US gal) Range" fields below.


Organic Booster

Flower Two