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bluesky organics defining soil

The Significance of Soil: Part II

Posted On , In Growing Science

Welcome, budding soil scientists. We have arrived at the Significance of Soil – Part II, and we are about to get our hands dirty in defining soil. In our previous post, The Significance of Soil – Part I, we took a trip…

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red soil with plant growth illustrating soil texture

The Significance of Soil: Part I

Posted On , In Growing Science

To the unknowing eye, holding a handful of soil might be perceived as simply holding a handful of dirt. What our highly evolved human eyes fail to see, is the bustling life in that handful, the billions (yes, BILLIONS!) of…

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Dry Broken Soil

Soil Remediation with Cannabis

Posted On , In Growing Science

In a previous post “Why Organic’s Better: the Benefits of Organic Cannabis” we dove into the world of organic products. We talked about what it takes to be certified, why organic is better, and the health and safety benefits of…

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bluesky organics pest management

Organic Integrated Pest Management for Cannabis

Posted On , In Growing Guides

When growing organically, one common struggle is pest management. Pesticides are such a common practice in gardening and food cultivation that the idea of pest management without them seems impossible. Fortunately, it can be done. Like many organic growing techniques,…

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bluesky organics ppm soil nutrients

PPM and You: A Quick Guide

Posted On , In Growing Guides, Growing Science

While we try to make cannabis growing as simple as possible, some technical terminology is just unavoidable. Lately, we’ve had many novice growers ask us to explain PPM, TDS and EC readers, and how they all work together to help…

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