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Myco-Grow can help.

Our Myco-Grow product is a root multiplier that can help you when it comes to any of your transplanting needs. Designed to rapidly colonize and expand the root system up to 100-1000 times.

Myco-Grow achieves this by forming a symbiotic relationship with the existing root system and extending into the surrounding rhizosphere, which in turn drastically increases the plants ability to uptake water and nutrients, promoting superior crop quality, faster root growth, extreme drought tolerance, and maximum crop yields.

Your plant absorbs nutrients through its roots.
The healthier the root structure, the healthier the plant.

Composition and Application

Myco-Grow is a wettable powdered form, super concentrated 4 specie-consortium of highly pure and viable propagules of endomycorrhizal fungi with added soluble yucca extract and soluble kelp.

Development and Results

Growers have never seen results like this before. One trial commercial grower reports a demonstrable difference in plant vigour, nutrient and water uptake, and speed of growth all in the first 4 weeks.

“My plants vegged to size a week quicker than usual, my yield increased by 10% and I changed nothing in my room except for adding Myco-Grow.”