About Us

About BlueSky Organics

Learn more about BlueSky Organics and why our goal is to help growers produce the purest and most potent product possible. In our experience, we have found that growing organically not only meets the standards of synthetic growing but exceeds the quality, flavours, and aromas of traditional techniques. It’s not just what you grow, it’s what you grow it with!

Who We Are

Our story began in the Eastern European mountains, where our ancestors cultivated organic growing as well as backyard fruits and vegetables. From this rich history, we follow in the footsteps of our forebears with our commitment to organic growing in Canada. As our family’s roots took to the Canadian soil, our passion for quality and sustainability bloomed. Through our journey, we learned that the availability of organic growing techniques and products was lacking, so we made it our sole purpose to explore the benefits of organic cultivation. Since the 1990s, we have developed and tested our organic products; seeking to combine the purity of nature with the ingenuity of the British Columbian growers’ community. Today, with over 20 years of growing experience, we have learned to harness the raw power of nature’s ecology and channel this unique gift into everything we do.

Growing organically has enabled our team to focus on soil health and ecology. We have formulated the most nutritionally beneficial growing media, soil amendments, and plant nutrients to craft superior products. It is our mission to provide the finest organic inputs for all growing needs. We believe in the symbiosis of nature; what you put into your plants is what they give to you in return. We like to think of BlueSky Organics as a tree: love and energy are the soil; our knowledge runs deep as roots in the fertile organic movement; our branches and leaves are the members of our team, always reaching for the sun; and our products are the fruits, ready to be picked by eager hearts and minds. Like any tree, we are grounded in nature. We believe in the organic movement and we are committed to making sustainable choices.

What We Do

At BlueSky Organics our soil media, plant nutrients, and amendments are approved for organic use and specifically formulated for producing high-quality fruit & flowering crops. To accomplish this, we only source the finest inputs from all over the world in formulating our line of quality products. The BlueSky System is easy-to-use and suitable for growers of all skill levels; from seasoned green thumbs to green beginners, and home-growers to commercial growers. When you choose to grow certified organic, you can trust that your plants are as pure and natural as possible.

Why We Do It

We believe in the organic movement, and we want to share our products and knowledge with you. Using organic inputs and additives not only makes what we grow healthier and more potent, but it also brings us all closer to our roots and reduces our environmental footprint – the way nature intended.

The BlueSky Team are staunch advocates of moving towards regulating and standardizing growing practices. We believe that focusing on yields does not mean sacrificing our commitment to sustainable growth.

We believe that the timing is just right for the growing industry to turn a new leaf and focus on organically cultivated plants. Our mission is to help growers of all sizes, styles, and situations to realize the benefits of organic products. Just as in nature, a single tree can outgrow the rest of the forest, but the truth of its strength lies in the synergy of its roots. We can all strive for personal success in growing, but as a unified community of like-minded producers, we can achieve greater yields, better health, and a brighter future. Through organics we can grow long, we can grow strong, and we can grow together.

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BlueSky Organics is proud to be certified by Pro-Cert Organic Systems

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*All inputs and additives are on the National Standards of Canada’s list of Organic Production Systems – Permitted Substances