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In our experience, we have found that growing organically not only meets the standards of synthetic growing but actually exceeds the quality, flavours and aromas of traditional techniques. It’s not just what you grow, it’s what you grow it with!

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BlueSky Organics Craft Grow Kit
The Organic Craft Grow Kit contains all the essential products you need to grow at home – just like the pros. The growing kit products are certified by Pro-Cert and formulated to grow high-quality organic fruit & flowering plants.  Follow our simple 4-step process to grow organic fruit, flower and vegetable producing plants. All you need are the seeds.
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BlueSky Organics Large Scale Production
BlueSky Organics offers custom blends along with totes, grow bags, and bales for your large scale production. Reach out to us for more information.
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BlueSky Organics Grow Studio
The Grow Studio is the ideal setup for the aspiring home grower, with quality components sourced by award winning master growers and plant scientists at BlueSky Organics. Our expertise with this kit will give you the right tools for success in any home cultivation project.
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BlueSky Organics Eazy Grow System
The Eazy-Grow system offers a full cycle, sustainable growing solution containing plugs, blocks and pyramids in custom sizes, blends and even porosity to suit your growing operation for maximum efficiency and yield without sacrificing crop quality.
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We’ve created the industry’s best plant nutrients and amendments by using only premium, organic inputs.


The BlueSky Organics System is approved for organic use* and specifically formulated for producing high-quality craft fruits, flowers and vegetables. Our organic product line is made up of specialty grow media, fertilizers and additives suitable for high-value crops.

*excluding FLOWER TWO: BUD HARDENER (for conventional use)

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With over 20 years of experience, growing organically has met or exceeded the yields of synthetic methods and the quality, aromas and flavours are far superior.

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Field of sunflowers at dusk; sunflowers are often used in companion planting

Companion Planting for Organic Growing

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Organic growth is focused on the big picture, on sustainable plant growth that benefits the whole ecosystem. In the Foundations of Fertilizer, we covered how organic fertilizers are more environmentally friendly and better for your grow than synthetic fertilizers. In…

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